Kingsday in Amsterdam. While people all over the Netherlands celebrate Kingsday, Amsterdam is certainly home to the biggest parties on April 27th. With millions of visitors traveling to the Dutch capital to take part, the city turns into a boundless sea of orange festival.

What should a visitor expect to see on Kingsday in Amsterdam?
Have a look at these Kingsday traditions in Amsterdam to find out. The full list of goings on in Amsterdam on Kingsday (and Kingsnight, the night before) is too long to paste. But be sure to come across outdoor parties, bands and DJs on squares and in parks throughout the city. Every year in Amsterdam, the biggest outdoor concerts are held on Museumplein and Rembrandtplein, sponsored by radio stations or other.

Kingsday in Amsterdam - what to expect

Orange Orange Everywhere in Amsterdam
If you've seen pictures from Kingsday in Amsterdam, you've surely noticed the abundance (to say the least) of the color orange in Amsterdam and everywhere in the Netherlands. People in Amsterdam don orange clothes, orange hats, orange wigs, orange capes and what more. In Amsterdam orange balloons bounce in the air during Kingsday and some fountains spray orange-dyed water. Got it?

Kingsday in Amsterdam - for visitors
Amsterdam visitors hear about the rowdy atmosphere of Kingsday and assume some kind of holiday. Kingsday is probably more well-known (especially to the Dutch and in Amsterdam) as the one day of the year when rummage sales are allowed everywhere in Amsterdam. So, the streets and alle the sidewalks play a large role and evolve into one big vrijmarkt ("free market").

Free market in Amsterdam during kingsday

The Dutch of Amsterdam
The Dutch of Amsterdam take this opportunity to rid their homes of useless (but potentially profitable) junk and old clothes so seriously that the city of Amsterdam actually had to create a law to forbid the cutthroat sidewalk place-holding that goes on days and weeks before the street markets begin.

Family Fun in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam
Kingsday isn't just for adults. In Amsterdam, families head for the Vondelpark for activities suitable for young children. There is face-painting and games and plenty of food vendors from Amsterdam.