The King’s Day in Amsterdam’s (Netherlands) streets invites festivity. Orange is everywhere in the city. Locals and visitors join together to celebrate this day and fill Amsterdam’s air with fun because it’s the year’s major street party. Citywide there is an atmosphere of party, music, fun, enthusiasm and the orange pride.

What Is the History of King’s Day (Queen’s Day) in the Netherlands?
King’s Day was initially known as the Queen’s Day. On 31st August 1885, royal celebrations were held to celebrate the birth of Queen Wilhelmina and since then the Queen’s Day tradition initiated. The day was later changed to 30th of April when Wilhelmina’s daughter Juliana ascended her mother’s throne. It was kept in accord with the new queen’s birth date.

Now on 30th April 2013 when Amsterdam’s throne was chaired by King William, the day’s name was changed from Queen’s day to King’s Day and it was celebrated with this name for the first time in 2014.

What is kingsday in the netherlands?

King’s Day Next To Come On 27 April
In Princess Beatrix’s throne she held the Queen’s day on the same day as her mother’s birth date, but after the transfer of throne to King William it is celebrated on his birth date 27th April. The next King’s Day will be celebrated on 27th of April in Amsterdam with the same festivity and spirit. Everyone is seen covered in orange from top to bottom and show delight towards the Dutch Royal Family.The royal associates also take part in the celebrations by coming to Netherlands each year.

The Street sale in the Netherlands
The city wide street sale is one of the major highlights of this day. There are people all over streets and parks of Amsterdam selling their second hand things and bargaining with each other creating the world’s largest free markets. To add more fun to the market, food stalls play a vital role. People enjoy themselves on the citywide street market.

The king during kingsday in the netherlands

Family Fun
King’s Day is open fun-day for everyone. From youngsters to teenagers and adults, everyone gets their modes of enjoyment. Families take part in various activities such as the games, face painting, sports events and many more. All in all it’s a package for everyone to enjoy and spread smiles.

King's Night & Day parties
Beginning from the eve of the King’s Day the celebrations and fun goes on all day on the King’s Day. This day is observed as a public holiday and everyone is welcomed to come on streets and enjoy the entire night and day to the full. Music is in the air with DJs rocking the mood, everything is beautifully decorated specially the boats which fill the inland waterways making it all look so much different and enchanting.

Decorated Boats and the Canals
The speciality of this day is the beautiful look which the gorgeously decorated boats create on the narrow Amsterdam’s canals and seeing them from the bridges totally takes you to praise and enjoy the charming view.

Few Museums Remain Open on King’s Day
Majority of Amsterdam’s museums and attractions remain closed on King’s Day, but some of the museums and visitor hotspots are kept open to allow the people to enjoy visiting their well liked places.