When it comes to special holidays in the Netherlands, Kingsday is one of the most prominent. Known as Koningsdag in Dutch, it is celebrated on 27th April, unless this falls on a Sunday then celebrated the day before. It currently marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander. Read all about Kingsday in the Netherlands.

Traditions during Kingsday in the Netherlands
Kingsday is described as the biggest festival in the Dutch calendar. It sees many tourists from around the world travel to the country to enjoy it. Among the events are street parties and concerts as well as lots and lots of orange. So while there isn’t a strict dress code for the day, anything with orange involved is a good starting point.Kingsday in the Netherlands is not just another tradition, you need to dress up and wear something orange to join in!

What to wear during kingsday in the netherlands?

Wearing Orange
For the man who likes to wear audacious coloured shirts or even suits then this event will be right up their street. However, not everyone can carry off wearing orange or feels comfortable with its full on, summery brightness. So how do you wear orange but still be yourself?

Firstly, the simplest way to have a splash of citrus without going over the top is a simple, classy tie in one or a number of shades of orange. Kingsday in the Netherlands is about having fun together and seeing friends and famliy.

Against a white shirt, this will stand out nicely for the big day but allow the conservative dresser to still feel they are dressed appropriately. Add a coordinating pocket square to complete the look.

For the slightly bolder guy, think about adding a gentle orange coloured shirt under a dark blue or black suit. It doesn’t have to be the shocking orange colour traditionally associated with Kingsday, as there are plenty of lighter shades that still say ‘orange’. Alternative go for a dark shirt and a lighter suit if the weather is warm as there are some beautiful dark rust shirts currently available.

At the other end of the scale are plenty of well-made, classy looking casual shirts that make use of the orange theme. These can be paired with smart trousers or jeans easily.Kingsday in the Netherlands is all about fun!

Kingsday Netherlands wearing orange

Orange accessories during Kingsday in the Netherlands
If all else fails and you can’t bring yourself to don an orange shirt or tie, then a subtle touch of orange on the accessories still ties you into the theme of the big day. From orange plaited leather bracelets that always look stylish on a guy’s wrist to orange framed sunglasses, there are plenty of accessories available that add a little orange without being too full on. During Kingsday in the Netherlands many orange items are sold on the street. or maybe even given to you by complete strangers.

If the day proves to be the cooler type of spring day, then why not make use of an orange plain or patterned scarf? The wearing of a scarf is now common for men as a fashion statement as much as for practical reasons and whichever style you decide to wear, it will add a splash of colour to an otherwise calm outfit.

As a last resort, if you are going in a casual dress, pick up a comfortable pair of sneakers with orange in the pattern. Then not only will your feet thank you for looking after them while you tour the street markets, but you will have your flash of orange in place to celebrate the day.

Have fun during Kingsday in the Netherlands!

King and Queen during kingsday in the Netherlands